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McCain “Saddened” by New School

The Arizona senator said he has spoken at schools throughout the country but never before found himself in a situation in which it became difficult for him to get his message across.

“I’ve got to say that maybe the students at the New School could learn a lesson in courtesy from the students at Liberty University,” he said.

“I was saddened that these young people live in such a dull world that they don’t want to hear the views of someone who disagrees with them.”

No, Senator McCain, you are the one reacting negatively to opposing ideas. You don’t want to hear that the American people refuse to buy your lies any longer. You moderate image will continued to be assailed. If I were you, I would get used to it.

McCain Forgets North Korea

May 25th, 2006 by Nate

Does the Middle East have some sort of sick sex appeal when it comes to pompous militaristic bloviating by republicans?  This is what Senator John McCain has to say about American Security Threats:

“The greatest single threat that we are facing right now to our national security is Iran,” he said. “If they get that weapon, and they have the capability to deliver it, put yourself in the position of the government of the state of Israel. This could be one of the most unsettling and difficult challenges that we have ever faced.”

Senator John McCain seems to forget that unlike Iran, North Korea likely is in possesion of at least one nuclear weapon. Moreover, North Korea is ruled by a maniac dictator that has shown previous indifference to starving his entire country.

Iran doesn’t have nuclear weapons. Its government appears to want them, but unless our ally Pakistan gave them a couple, they don’t have any at this point.

So who is the larger threat to America?




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